Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching assists managers to improve performance and leadership behavior. Their work/life balance is optimized and they learn to lead monocultural as well as intercultural teams in a successful way.

PSA – Plus Coaching
In the “PSA- Plus Coaching” you can deepen the insights you have gained with the Personality Structure Analysis and work on the implementation.

Orientation Compass
The OrientationCompass is a consulting and assessment coaching model. It supports you to make career decisions and choose appropriate training and education.

Start-up Coaching
You want to become self-employed? Or maybe you are self-employed already and plan to take the next step to develop your company?
In Start-Up Coaching you receive support on a personal and business level.

Personal Coaching
Personal Coaching gives support and guidance with business and career issues.

We support you in the development of a successful strategy in applying for a job building on your professional and personal strengths.