Personal Coaching

Modern life and work conditions have become more complex. Role expectations, rules and social norms in society have changed in a way that there are many options and directions that make orientation much more difficult. Variety brings opportunity, but this can be confusing. The individual person is far more challenged to be self-steering and practice self-management.

With respect to these socio-economic changes Personal Coaching gives support and guidance with business and career issues. The client works with the coach on one or more topics that might be unsolvable alone. Typically there have been attempts for solutions, but nothing really seems to change. Personal Coaching can contribute to solve the situation.

Personal Coaching is no therapy. Instead it builds on ressources of the client that are currently blocked, but can be activated and made use of.

The process consists of the following elements

  • Preliminary meeting to clarify the situation (Personal Coaching yes or no?)
  • Definition of the problem (What is “really” going on?)
  • Reflection (to take a broader perspective)
  • To find solutions (thinking in opportunities)
  • Recognizing and activating ones own inner resources (Which tools to change/solve the situation do I have already?)
  • Behavioral exercises (role play, exercises for the reality outside the coaching meetings)
  • Stabilizing the new behavior


Will be agreed upon depending on the complexity of the topic or topics.