PSA – Plus Coaching

The Personality Structure Analysis (PSA) is an established assessment instrument, developed by Life and Career Design and available online since 2007. It is an excellent tool for deep self-understanding and reflection.

Organizations use the PSA for recruiting. Other applications are coaching leadership development and team development.

The PSA gives you a differentiated assessment of your behavior in leadership, teams, sales, and your emotional and social intelligence.

In the “PSA-Plus Coaching” you can deepen the insights you have gained with the Personality Structure Analysis and work on the implementation.

These are the steps:

  • Doing the Personality Structure Analysis (PSA) – online
  • Preparing the Coaching with some guiding questions
  • Coaching 
  • Personal follow-up and implementation


Doing the Personality Structure Analysis (PSA) – online
Two hours of individual coaching (in person or via, e.g. Skype)