Freelancers are a fast-growing group in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. There are at least 1,5 million freelancers in the region. Freelancers are called sole proprietors, gig workers, independent workers, or solos. They have specific needs to design their careers. You find here some resources to support that.

Freelancer Market freelancerMap does a study about the Freelancer Market in the DACH (DE, AT, CH) region once a year. This gives insights into the composition of the market, motives to be self-employed, daily rates, annual workload, and much more. You can download the Freelancer-Kompass (German) here.

Freelancer Platforms The listed Freelancer Platforms are brought into a loose vertical order. It is no ranking. On top are sites that are most probably of higher value to professional, full-time freelancer.

The following questions were asked for the evaluation

Is there support for the long-term development of my career?

  • This is done, for example, with relevant information about the market.

Does the portal support the brand building of my person?

  • This happens when you can present yourself.

Does the site connect me with relevant projects?

  • Size is secondary; the focus is key.

How is the cost-benefit ratio?

  • The differences are enormous. Check out the comment about the costs below.

Can I make good money with the projects?

  • The hourly rates vary from five Euro to several hundred Euro.

What are the relevant quality assurance procedures of the portal?

  • This is relevant for the project providers to evaluate the quality of the freelancers. For freelancers, it is essential to be in the right environment to build their brand.

Costs  A short comment about costs. It is interesting to see that the costs are highest at the lower end of the profit scale for professional freelancers. Here they pay a fixed amount of their fee for the placement. With the other sites, costs are of subordinate importance. Either they are free of costs or marginal compared to other costs of self-marketing. 

Here is the link to the Freelancer-Platforms
Here is the link to the Freelancer-Videos