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In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland there are at least 1,5 million freelancers. What connects them is self-employment. Their life concepts are as different as their fees. With these videos, we provide attractive information for freelancers. This includes lifestyle concepts, income opportunities, self-marketing, and legal aspects.

Freelance Germany – Documentary in German In the Freelancer documentary about Freelancer in Germany from Goodlance, four people from different fields are portrayed. Their personalities and lifestyles are as different as their business-models.

From minute 30, you get a summary with quite contrasting tips on how to become a freelancer and how to be successful.

Freelance Germany – Documentary (Length 37 minutes)

How do you become a Freelancer? Sara Lee Rae starts “girlie” but brings solid information for those who want to become freelancers after that. The info refers tot he German legal framework but is relevant for Austria and Switzerland too.

Her personal approach is admirable and portraits the motivation to be a freelancer very well. For makeup artists, this is especially relevant.

Sara Lee Rae – 15 minutes

Four distribution channels for Interim Manager – Video in German To sell one management services is a challenge, especially for those who start as Interim Managers. Harald Schönfeld is an accomplished professional to support them for many years. In this video, you learn about distribution channels for Interim Manager and which to give the highest priority.

UnitedInterim –  6 minutes

How you get new interim projects online! Here you move on with Harald Schönfeld from UnitedInterim. In this video, you learn which five steps get you to the goal and make you successful. These steps are (1) continuity, (2) reach, (3) relevance, (4) awareness, and (5) networking quality.

UnitedInterim – 8 minutes

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