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Personality Structure Analysis (PSA)

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PSA Personality Structure Analysis (PSA)
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The PSA Personality Structure Analysis (PSA) is sold B2B to companies and Universities. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Function Structure Analysis (FSA)

The Function Structure Analysis (FSA) enables you to assess the personality requirements of a function (job; position). This is the basis for the targeted selection of the right employee.
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Function Structure Analysis (FSA)
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The Skill-Management of Life and Career Design enables you to plan the job relevant qualifications (skills) for your employees.
This instrument of strategic personnel development is designed for small, medium and large corporations. It works as well in the service and production sector.

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Online Leadership Courses

In cooperation with our partner the Peregrine Leadership Institute, we offer the online Peregrine Leadership Courses. More Information you find here.

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