Team Development

High performance teams are often formed by people with very contrasting personalities. What differentiates them from weak performing teams? The team members get to know each other (cognitive trust) and have learned to cope with the differences in a constructive way (affective trust).

The seminar (workshop) supports the development of high performance teams.
It is both applicable for teams that are beginning to work (e.g. project teams) and for teams that have been working together for a long time. Starting with a better understanding of one’s own personality and those of other team members, bridges are built. Making use of mapping and bridging methods, monocultural and multicultural teams reach a new level of performance.


  • Personality Structure Analysis (PSA) – You do it upfront online
  • Mapping the “group personality”
  • Team development phases
  • Handling critical incidents – Practical exercises
  • Action planning


1-2 days