The Manager as Coach

The competency to coach, supervise and challenge is of great importance for a manager whose main job is to reach goals with his/her direct reports by planning and executing tasks in an optimal way.

You learn to systematically to develop your direct reports and master conflicts and challenging situations together.

The program for persons in a leadership function consists of 3 modules

Module 1  Defining your own position
This module is for you to personally recognize the individual ressources your bring into the coaching development program. To fulfill your coaching function, self-reflection is an important element in the training. Being a reflected person enables to work as a coach in a qualified way. You then can make use of the resources of the second phase of the training.

The seminar “Defining your own position” is followed by a personal coaching with the trainer. Here you have the opportunity to discuss topics from your work context, reflect strengths or development areas and plan for improvement. A summary of the results relevant for the coaching function is made to be included in module 2.

Module 2  The Manager as Coach
Role and tasks of a coach are a core element in this module. You work on the coaching process and learn methods and tools of coaching:

  • Contracting and the coaching process
  • Clarify roles – Define goals – Demand results – Evaluate outcomes
  • Leading conversations and intervention techniques

The techniques will be exercised based on relevant examples.

Module 3  Individual coaching – Transferring the knowledge into practice
The module “The manager as a coach” is followed by personal coaching with the trainer to make sure that you canuse what you have learned. Here you work on specific challenges in your role as manager who coaches.


  • Module 1: 2 days seminar + 1 coaching session for each participant
  • Module 2: 3 days seminar
  • Module 3: 2 coaching sessions for each participant